The most important places in Italy

Almost everyone wants to visit Italy because of its incredible history including Cesar, Pompeii and other big personalities from the ancient Rome and not only.

Italian leaders from the ancient history are known for their power and wonderful strategies that lead them to success. They also had brave soldiers who helped the territory became an empire.

In our days, people want to visit Italy for three big spots: Rome, Milano, and restaurants.

Fontana di Trevi, Colosseum and shopping are very attractive for tourists. To not forget about the cathedrals and churches that have a beautiful architecture.


Colosseum is an ancient building from Rome, and it was the biggest construction in that time, and in our days it is the biggest amphitheater.

Its location is in the central Rome and thousands, and thousands of tourist are coming to see it every day.

Why is it so popular? Here the prisoners from the wars were obligated to fight with gladiators, with other inmate or with wild animals. The spectators were watching them for fun, and the conquer were the one who decided who will fight. It was the biggest and the most wanted environment of the ancient Rome.

It was founded in year 72, and the construction of the building was finished in year 80.  It was the Vespasian emperor wish.

The construction still is in a very good condition and it makes people wonder how it resisted so much time.

Fontana di Trevi

This fountain is the most beautiful and known in Rome because it has a very beautiful story (it is more a legend than a history). Each tourist who come in Rome, want to visit it and throw some coins, but why they are doing it? Because the legend says that the one who throw a coin in the fountain, will come again to visit this beautiful city. It works only if the person will stay in the front of the fountain, with his back to the monument and the coin have to be thrown over the shoulder.

This fountain was constructed at the end of an aqueduct that brings water from the Salone springs.The fountain was founded in 1732 by the Clement Papa order and Neptun, the sea God is represented in the middle of it. Its architecture is excellent, and if you go to Rome, you must go and visit it.


This city is located in the north Italy, and it is very known for fashion and successful designers who started their careers here.

If you want to have the most beautiful and wanted clothes, you have to go to Milano.

It was founded in year 400 before the Christ, and it was conquered by the Roman Empire in 200 after Christ.

But, it isn’t only about fashion, if you want to visit Milano, you should go to visit: “Santa Maria delle Grazie” church because here is the most famous Leonardo daVinci paint: “Last Supper”, Pinacoteca di Brera and Sforzescu Castle.