Reasons to visit Italy

Why should you visit Italy?

Well, you have a lot of reasons to do it. When people are thinking about Italy, they think only about two big and famous cities: Rome and Milano. Visitors come here in Italy to give a taste to its food that is very famous. Most of the people find the food a reason good enough to buy a ticket for Italy (pasta and pizza are the most known foods here).

Dreaming about eating some specific food at the restaurant, in the summer, drinking an espresso (because Italian citizens are very known for coffee too) and enjoying the view and your life, is a very beautiful way to spend your holiday.

Another reason to visit Italy, maybe better than food, is to see all the tourist spots in here and we will present you’re the less known ones.

  1. Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel – it is known only by a few people, but it is one from the most beautiful spots in Italy. You can visit that church in Padua, Veneto. You can see here the Giotta frescoes which are a cycle and it was completed in 1305. Only the fact that the paints are so old is a reason to admire them.
  2. The Murano Glass – you heard about the murano glass for sure; jewelry made from it is very famous in Italy and through the visitors who want to but a lot of them- as souvenirs or for them because these jewelry are very beautiful and elegant. You can visit the factory of murano glass on Murano Island. You will be amazed.
  3. Lago di Como- is a lake that is very beautiful and you should take a boat and sail around it for a few hours because the view is wonderful. You can find this lake in Lombardia, in the north Italy. It has a big surface and a lot of cities you can visit at the same time you visit this lake. Here are some examples: Como, Bellagio or Lecco.
  4. Bellagio chocolate – if we mentioned the Bellagio city we can’t speak a little about the chocolate from here. It is famous in Italy and not only here because people started to bring some in their countries to give them to their relatives or friends.
  5. Vile d’Este gardens- you can find them in Tivoli, Rome and you will want to never leave them. The view is amazing and once you arrive here you will feel relaxed and purified. Vila d’Este is a palace from Italy but it is less famous than its gardens. Both of them are good to visit, you will not feel dry about it. The space is very large and you will need a few hours to see everything, but this time isn’t enough to be satisfied. You will want more
  6. Milano- is a very famous city known especially for shopping. To buy clothes from Milano is a very big deal for rich people, but in the next article, we will present you another reason for visiting this city.