How to take care of your house as a tenant

If you are a tenant, you have just the same responsibilities as if you have your own house share London, but with a little difference: you need to pay a rent!

So, what are your liabilities?

Well, you need to take care of your house just as the same if it was yours!

You need to follow just 3 steps and everything will be alright as long as you live in your landlord house!

  1. First and the most important is to pay your rent on time! It doesn’t matter if you have problems or if you do not have money when the date for paying your rent is coming! You must do it! Every landlord decides if he is available to wait for his tenant to pay the rent or if he will solve it by law even if you are late with just one day! So, in some critical situations as: you are in the hospital or you needed money for some important problems as a health problem or you use them for your family, your landlord can understand you and accept to wait for his money few more days. If he doesn’t want to do it, he is totally rightful and all you can do is to go and get some money from a friend! Do not forget!!! If you are tenant for the first time in your life, it is important to set a price from the beginning that is written in the contract, so you will not have any problems in the future! Ask your landlord everything you want to know about the price and other before sign the contract! If you sign it and you find something unusual or bad for you, it’s already too late to change your mind!
  2. The second one is: paying the bills on time! If your landlord decide that you will pay all the bills, be responsible and do it on time! You will need to pay: gas, water, TV, electricity, telephone and others! Do not forget to pay any bill! When you get your salary put aside some money to be sure that you will have money to pay all the bills on time! If you do not do it, you will have problems with your landlord, because when you are a tenant paying the bills on time is your responsibility, but it affects also your landlord.
  3. The third one is: keep the house in a good condition!

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