Clean your carpets professionally for your end of tenancy cleaning

At least once in your life you splinted coffee, tea, coke or other liquid that stained your coach, your carpet, your clothes or armchair. To remove them is a very hard thing because most of the time you can’t remove it at all. The first solution is to hire a professional cleaners team to come and clean your coach or carpet because the success of cleaning is guaranteed and you do not have to spend your time to do it.

But, if you can’t do it immediately for some reasons, we will present some little advices about how to clean the stains from your carpet or coach. It is important to try it immediately after you stain it because it will become harder to be removed. But, if you didn’t succeed you must call a professional cleaners team to do it.

During that time, until you hire a team from a professional cleaning company, you can try some from the following things. You must have in the house some Vinegar. If not, go and buy some from the supermarket because you can use it at many things as remove stains. You can mix a cup of water with a cup of vinegar and spray it on the stain. After that, you need to tampon it with some ammonia. The stain will disappear, but not totally. Just enough to prepare it for some professional cleaners.

For white wine, you need just water and dish soap. Use them together and the stain will disappear.

For red wine, you need to put on the stain white wine!

If you choose to hire a cleaners’ team and we advise you to do so, you can benefit on many other cleaners’ service. For example, if you hire us to clean the spots from your coach, we have to clean your entire room. The price is very good and we will clean more than your coach. We will: vacuum the carpets and the surfaces, clean the dust, the windows, disinfect the room and make it fresher.

So, do not worry about any spot from your coach, carpet or other type or surfaces! Professional products are ready to be used to satisfy your wishes! You just need to call Clean&Clean cleaning company and hire a professional cleaning team! Everything will be ready so quickly than you will not believe that your room was otherwise than now. Further, you can get your carpets professionally cleaned and ready for your end of tenancy.