The most important places in Italy

Almost everyone wants to visit Italy because of its incredible history including Cesar, Pompeii and other big personalities from the ancient Rome and not only.

Italian leaders from the ancient history are known for their power and wonderful strategies that lead them to success. They also had brave soldiers who helped the territory became an empire.

In our days, people want to visit Italy for three big spots: Rome, Milano, and restaurants.

Fontana di Trevi, Colosseum and shopping are very attractive for tourists. To not forget about the cathedrals and churches that have a beautiful architecture.


Colosseum is an ancient building from Rome, and it was the biggest construction in that time, and in our days it is the biggest amphitheater.

Its location is in the central Rome and thousands, and thousands of tourist are coming to see it every day.

Why is it so popular? Here the prisoners from the wars were obligated to fight with gladiators, with other inmate or with wild animals. The spectators were watching them for fun, and the conquer were the one who decided who will fight. It was the biggest and the most wanted environment of the ancient Rome.

It was founded in year 72, and the construction of the building was finished in year 80.  It was the Vespasian emperor wish.

The construction still is in a very good condition and it makes people wonder how it resisted so much time.

Fontana di Trevi

This fountain is the most beautiful and known in Rome because it has a very beautiful story (it is more a legend than a history). Each tourist who come in Rome, want to visit it and throw some coins, but why they are doing it? Because the legend says that the one who throw a coin in the fountain, will come again to visit this beautiful city. It works only if the person will stay in the front of the fountain, with his back to the monument and the coin have to be thrown over the shoulder.

This fountain was constructed at the end of an aqueduct that brings water from the Salone springs.The fountain was founded in 1732 by the Clement Papa order and Neptun, the sea God is represented in the middle of it. Its architecture is excellent, and if you go to Rome, you must go and visit it.


This city is located in the north Italy, and it is very known for fashion and successful designers who started their careers here.

If you want to have the most beautiful and wanted clothes, you have to go to Milano.

It was founded in year 400 before the Christ, and it was conquered by the Roman Empire in 200 after Christ.

But, it isn’t only about fashion, if you want to visit Milano, you should go to visit: “Santa Maria delle Grazie” church because here is the most famous Leonardo daVinci paint: “Last Supper”, Pinacoteca di Brera and Sforzescu Castle.

Reasons to visit Italy

Why should you visit Italy?

Well, you have a lot of reasons to do it. When people are thinking about Italy, they think only about two big and famous cities: Rome and Milano. Visitors come here in Italy to give a taste to its food that is very famous. Most of the people find the food a reason good enough to buy a ticket for Italy (pasta and pizza are the most known foods here).

Dreaming about eating some specific food at the restaurant, in the summer, drinking an espresso (because Italian citizens are very known for coffee too) and enjoying the view and your life, is a very beautiful way to spend your holiday.

Another reason to visit Italy, maybe better than food, is to see all the tourist spots in here and we will present you’re the less known ones.

  1. Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel – it is known only by a few people, but it is one from the most beautiful spots in Italy. You can visit that church in Padua, Veneto. You can see here the Giotta frescoes which are a cycle and it was completed in 1305. Only the fact that the paints are so old is a reason to admire them.
  2. The Murano Glass – you heard about the murano glass for sure; jewelry made from it is very famous in Italy and through the visitors who want to but a lot of them- as souvenirs or for them because these jewelry are very beautiful and elegant. You can visit the factory of murano glass on Murano Island. You will be amazed.
  3. Lago di Como- is a lake that is very beautiful and you should take a boat and sail around it for a few hours because the view is wonderful. You can find this lake in Lombardia, in the north Italy. It has a big surface and a lot of cities you can visit at the same time you visit this lake. Here are some examples: Como, Bellagio or Lecco.
  4. Bellagio chocolate – if we mentioned the Bellagio city we can’t speak a little about the chocolate from here. It is famous in Italy and not only here because people started to bring some in their countries to give them to their relatives or friends.
  5. Vile d’Este gardens- you can find them in Tivoli, Rome and you will want to never leave them. The view is amazing and once you arrive here you will feel relaxed and purified. Vila d’Este is a palace from Italy but it is less famous than its gardens. Both of them are good to visit, you will not feel dry about it. The space is very large and you will need a few hours to see everything, but this time isn’t enough to be satisfied. You will want more
  6. Milano- is a very famous city known especially for shopping. To buy clothes from Milano is a very big deal for rich people, but in the next article, we will present you another reason for visiting this city.

Clean your carpets professionally for your end of tenancy cleaning

At least once in your life you splinted coffee, tea, coke or other liquid that stained your coach, your carpet, your clothes or armchair. To remove them is a very hard thing because most of the time you can’t remove it at all. The first solution is to hire a professional cleaners team to come and clean your coach or carpet because the success of cleaning is guaranteed and you do not have to spend your time to do it.

But, if you can’t do it immediately for some reasons, we will present some little advices about how to clean the stains from your carpet or coach. It is important to try it immediately after you stain it because it will become harder to be removed. But, if you didn’t succeed you must call a professional cleaners team to do it.

During that time, until you hire a team from a professional cleaning company, you can try some from the following things. You must have in the house some Vinegar. If not, go and buy some from the supermarket because you can use it at many things as remove stains. You can mix a cup of water with a cup of vinegar and spray it on the stain. After that, you need to tampon it with some ammonia. The stain will disappear, but not totally. Just enough to prepare it for some professional cleaners.

For white wine, you need just water and dish soap. Use them together and the stain will disappear.

For red wine, you need to put on the stain white wine!

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How to take care of your house as a tenant

If you are a tenant, you have just the same responsibilities as if you have your own house share London, but with a little difference: you need to pay a rent!

So, what are your liabilities?

Well, you need to take care of your house just as the same if it was yours!

You need to follow just 3 steps and everything will be alright as long as you live in your landlord house!

  1. First and the most important is to pay your rent on time! It doesn’t matter if you have problems or if you do not have money when the date for paying your rent is coming! You must do it! Every landlord decides if he is available to wait for his tenant to pay the rent or if he will solve it by law even if you are late with just one day! So, in some critical situations as: you are in the hospital or you needed money for some important problems as a health problem or you use them for your family, your landlord can understand you and accept to wait for his money few more days. If he doesn’t want to do it, he is totally rightful and all you can do is to go and get some money from a friend! Do not forget!!! If you are tenant for the first time in your life, it is important to set a price from the beginning that is written in the contract, so you will not have any problems in the future! Ask your landlord everything you want to know about the price and other before sign the contract! If you sign it and you find something unusual or bad for you, it’s already too late to change your mind!
  2. The second one is: paying the bills on time! If your landlord decide that you will pay all the bills, be responsible and do it on time! You will need to pay: gas, water, TV, electricity, telephone and others! Do not forget to pay any bill! When you get your salary put aside some money to be sure that you will have money to pay all the bills on time! If you do not do it, you will have problems with your landlord, because when you are a tenant paying the bills on time is your responsibility, but it affects also your landlord.
  3. The third one is: keep the house in a good condition!

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Quality time saved by tenancy cleaners

From the start time it has been a very big problem for us, but for our customers. For customers because they wanted a more quick clearing of space, but this made things more difficult for cleaning teams. Until now cleaning companies have increased, and this they have done to reach a favorable time for each of us. And as firms have increased with their increase occurred the quality time in our works.

From the beginning you will ask questions: how to do so much good work in a very good time?

It’s very simple, but that’s why we like to say that we have the best professional tenancy cleaning teams. What are from the beginning and that we evolved. And they have trained a lot in the fight against dirty.

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The quality that we put in our time, but also in our clients time it motivates us to do this further and work as much as possible. To help more people with our services accessible to every person and even if we improve our best. It consists of quality time and that our time is a very big help to our customers who have so far benefited from the best conditions and service.

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A better cleaning for your house by professionals

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Bathroom is an area that need a greater and significant quantity of cleaning work. So it never experiences a long enough cleaning, to have it perfect cleaned and without bacteria. Toilets, tubs, showers, and sinks will all need to become scrubbed with high-strength bathroom cleaner, get their tiles polished, and have their own grout made white as soon. Medicine cabinets and drawers will all need pertaining to being cleaned out and easily wiped. But, it is hard to do it. Almost nobody has the necessary patience to do it, or not all of us buy professional products and in this way the toilet, the sink or the bath become dirty even if you clean them always after we use them.

For example, you can have in your house (even if you are a tenant or the owner) bronze, it can be quite difficult to clean it. In order to clean bronze, you are going to require any abrasive scanners. You need professional and specialized chemical products, that will not affect the bronze, but them will clean it perfectly, to look like new. But, they are very expensive and you must know how to use them. It implies patience, a lot of care and expert hands to clean them perfect, so, to keep them looking as new in time.  But, you’ve no relative reason you should buy any regarding professional equipment ant tools for cleaning bronze. To make it happen without any effort, you can call us to send to your home a cleaner’s team! We are sure that you hear some old recipes, for example that you can use some acid compound from lemon juice, and want baking soda. These two can be combined within a paste, you could possibly then try to find the bronze surface. But, in time that acid attack the bronze, and we are sure that you do not want that.

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